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AsiaInfo Holdings Announces Deal with China Unicom

AsiaInfo Holdings (ASIA) has been selected by China Unicom (CHU) to build the software system that will allow remote diagnosis and management of cellular phones.

AsiaInfo Holdings, Inc. [[ASIA]], a provider of telecom software security products in China, announced that it has signed a contract with China Unicom [[CHU]] to build out a the system that will allow China Unicom to remotely diagnose and manage mobile devices.

The size of the deal has not yet been disclosed.

From the press release:

‘As China’s telecom operators look for ways to compete more effectively in a 3G environment, improving the customer experience is a top priority,” said Mr. Steve Zhang, AsiaInfo’s president and chief executive officer. ”AsiaInfo’s device management system will improve China Unicom’s customer service efficiency by allowing the company’s support team to remotely carry out processes such as parameter resets, patch downloads and application installation. By enabling users to download firmware updates, software upgrades and applications over the air, the system will also help promote new services and applications. We are confident that our leading software will continue to reduce workload and the cost of customer service as well as play a leading role as carriers expand from 2G standard to 3G standard, which enables image, audio and video content.

The system can be used to configure mobile devices to match network parameters and settings, provide diagnostics and automated resolution and enable subscribers to install new applications over-the-air. By centralizing data pertaining to mobile device capabilities, the system can match mobile devices with appropriate content platforms such as WAP gateways, MMS centers, streaming media and others. China Unicom will also be able to gather, organize and analyze static and dynamic information from mobile devices, thus supporting the advanced decision-making and targeted marketing capabilities that are essential in a complicated and competitive 3G environment.”

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