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China Borrows John Henry’s Hammer

China Railway Construction Corp Limited (HKG:1186), China Railway Group Limited (HKG:0390) and China State Const. Eng. Corp Ltd (SHA:601668) all ensure that China’s railways stretch from the countryside to sea ports. These companies are implementing infrastructure development demands and meeting the expectations of international construction companies. These companies are in a race to secure contracts across the globe.

China Railway Construction Corp Limited bulldozes through mountains and extends bridges over waterways. The company has completed 287 construction projects and has 137 other projects in progress. It has been listed as 225th largest global contractors in the world. China Railway Construction Corp Limited covers all 31 provinces in China and holds a whopping value of $131.27 billion. Securing contracts and building a reputation for success is part of the bottom line at China Railway Construction Corp Limited. The company’s stock is currently valued at $10.64

China Railway Group Limited reorganized in 2007 to allow itself to be listed in domestic and overseas stock markets in order to edge away from being owned by the state. The company has 46 subsidiaries and in 2006 was the third largest construction company in the world. China Railway Group Limited has participated in the construction of more than 22,600 kilometers of electrified railway, has been involved in the construction of more than 4,320 kilometers of bridges and more than 3,900 kilometers of tunnels. The company works on expressways, metropolitan railways, bridges, tunnels, buildings, airports and more. The company has provided construction services to more than 230 overseas projects. The company has a market cap of $123.54 billion and their stock is valued at $5.80 per share.

China State Const. Eng. Corp Ltd was originally established in 1982 and has become one of the largest international construction companies in China. The company is known for delivering its services in record times and overcoming barriers. The new Hong Kang Airport Passenger Terminal has been recognized by worldwide organizations and has been called one of the top 10 building projects of the 20th century. The company aspires to become one of the top transactional enterprises in the world. The company is currectly valued at $114 billion and their stock trades at $3.80 per share.

These companies are laying out railway in China and using the resources allocated to them to create a reputation of being leading construction firms. Emerging from the struggle of globalization will leave some companies in the dust, but it does not appear that any of these companies fit the description. Recognized in the world for hard work, remarkable turnaround times and laying miles of rail will surely lead to gaining favor in international markets.

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