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China Energy Recovery Files a New Patent of Waste Heat Recovery Technology

China Energy Recovery, Inc. [[CGYV.OB]], a leader in the waste heat energy recovery sector of the industrial energy efficiency industry, today announced that the company has filed a new patent application with the Intellectual Property Office of China for its waste heat recovery technology. It is the second new patent application in 2009 and the company expects to file more new patents to strengthen the protection of its intellectual properties.

This technology provides a new method to enhance the sensitivity and range of temperature adjustment within the waste heat recovery boiler. It helps improve reliability, durability and recovery efficiency of the waste heat recovery system while reducing equipment size to save costs. This is very useful as it has been the market trend that the sizes of main manufacturing facilities to which the energy recovery system is integrated are continuously increasing.

“With our continuous focus on energy recovery since the start of the company, we have accumulated abundant technical know-how for energy recovery which largely strengthens our abilities to capture the evolving market demands,” commented Mr. Qinghuan Wu, Chairman and CEO of China Energy Recovery. “The sizes of industrial facilities are getting larger and larger. This technology will further enhance our leadership in supplying waste heat recovery systems for large sized manufacturing facilities both inside China and abroad.”

What is Waste Heat Energy Recovery?

Industrial facilities release significant amounts of excess heat into the atmosphere in the form of hot exhaust gases or high-pressure steam. Energy recovery is the process of recovering vast amounts of that wasted energy and converting it into usable heat energy or electricity, dramatically lowering energy costs. Energy recovery systems are also capable of capturing harmful pollutants that would otherwise be released into the environment. It is estimated that if energy currently wasted by all the U.S. industrial facilities could be recovered, it could produce power equivalent to 20% of U.S. electricity generation capacity without burning any additional fossil fuel, and could help many industries to meet stringent environmental regulations.

About China Energy Recovery, Inc.

CER is an international leader in designing, manufacturing and installing waste heat energy recovery systems which provide facilities with greater energy efficiency. The company’s primary focus is on the Chinese market. CER’s technology captures industrial waste energy to produce low-cost electrical power, enabling industrial manufacturers to reduce their energy costs, shrink their emissions footprint, and generate sellable emissions credits. CER has deployed its systems throughout China and in such international markets as Egypt, Korea, Vietnam and Malaysia. CER focuses on numerous industries in which a rapid payback on invested capital is achieved by its customers, including: chemical, paper manufacturing, refining (including methanol refining), etc. CER continues to invest in R&D and plans to build China’s first state-of-the-art energy recovery system research and fabrication facility to allow it to meet the increased demand for its products and services. For more information on CER, please visit: . Information on CER’s website does not comprise a part of this press release.

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