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China Wind Power Updates on First Two Wind Farms

China Wind Power International Corp. [[CNW]], today provided an update with respect to its first two wind farms (“Wind Farm #1″ and “Wind Farm #2″ ). As at July 31, 2009, Wind Farm #1 has generated and sold more than 13.9 million KWh of electricity to the power grid. 36 wind turbines are now installed in the two wind farms, representing capacity of 52 MW, of which 20 wind turbines had been connected to the power grid and are in trial production.

The Company also announced that the audited annual financial statements of Daqing Longjiang Wind Power Co., Ltd. (“Longjiang”), a company now effectively governed and administered by China Wind including entitlement to the economic benefits derived, have been filed on SEDAR under China Wind Power International Corp. Longjiang’s fiscal year end was March 31, 2009.

For more information on Longjiang, please refer to China Wind’s news release dated August 4, 2009 titled: “China Wind Power International Corp. Completes $27.3 Million Financing and Amalgamation with Berkshire Griffin Inc.” or refer to the Company’s circular dated June 3, 2009 available on SEDAR.

About China Wind Power International Corp.

China Wind Power International Corp. is an Ontario company that is uniquely positioned to capitalize on the demand for wind power in China. The Company indirectly holds the exclusive rights for wind energy development in Du Mon County, a favourable location for wind power generation.

Du Mon County is located in the center of “Harbin – Daqing – Qiqihar Industry Corridor” in Heilongjiang Province. Recently completed wind assessment studies in Du Mon County demonstrated potential installed capacity of 860MW of wind energy developable over an area of 220 square km, with wind power density of 300-450 Watts per square meter. While 860 MW represents the Company’s long-term potential for wind power in the area, its current plans are for building out eight wind farms representing capacity of 546 MW over five development phases. The Company is currently constructing its first two wind farms, representing aggregate capacity of 98.5MW.

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