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China Youth Media Adds EPL Programming for College Students

China Youth Media, Inc. [[CHYU.OB]], a China focused youth marketing and media company, announced today that it has secured the exclusive online rights to distribute the full 2009-2010 season of the English Premier League (EPL) to China’s 30 million plus college students. Koobee, the Company’s dedicated campus Intranet Television Network and media portal, will be the sole distributor of the full EPL season to this highly sought after demographic. No other service will be able to deliver the full season to this audience free.

The Company indicated that there are few television sets on college campuses in China, but almost all students have computer access with high-speed broadband connections to their campus networks. As the exclusive online provider of the full EPL season to China’s college campuses, Koobee will offer this high-demand content free to more than 30 million students nationwide on an ad supported basis.

The English Premier League is the world’s most popular sporting league and includes such household brands as Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal and Chelsea. It is also the most watched sporting league in the world, followed by more than half a billion people in 202 countries. In China, when EPL matches were broadcast on free-to-air television, they attracted audiences between 100 million and 360 million, more than any other foreign sport. Starting August 15, 2009, China Youth Media will deliver the full 2009-2010 EPL season free on its Koobee Campus Network, offering five live and approximately five delayed EPL games per week, the most comprehensive number of live EPL matches on campuses across China.

Koobee’s EPL programming is part of a licensing agreement between China Youth Media and WinTV, a subscription channel in China run by state-owned Guangdong Provincial Television. The agreement grants China Youth Media rights to distribute WinTV’s Eurosoccer Channel, which in addition to the full EPL season carries matches from other high profile European leagues like Italy’s Serie A and Germany’s Bundesliga. China Youth Media will launch its Koobee Eurosoccer Channel following the kickoff of the EPL season.

“We expect that the English Premier League and the Eurosoccer Channel will be gateway content, introducing millions of viewers to all of Koobee’s channels and services,” commented Jay Rifkin, China Youth Media’s CEO. “This offers prospective advertisers a valuable opportunity not only to participate in our Eurosoccer Channel, but also to advertise across a variety of genres specifically targeted to China’s students, a key segment of the world’s largest youth market.”

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