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Chinese Food Producers on the Move

Want Want China Holdings Ltd. (HKG:0151), Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group Co. (SHA:600887) and Bright Dairy & Food Co., Ltd. (SHA:600597) are all involved in distributing and creating food related products in China. These companies have specific food markets that they concentrate on, but they have become experts in their chosen field.

Bright Dairy & Food Co Ltd. is a large conglomerated food company that deals with producing food and dealing with agriculture. The company is involved in seed breeding, eco-agriculture, food processing and distribution logistics. Bright Dairy & Food runs supermarkets and holds more than 3,300 retailing outlets in Shanghai and other provinces throughout China. The company holds a reputation for top quality brands and has created a network to distribute them across the country. The company is also focused on acquisitions at this time. Bright Dairy & Food Co., Ltd. has a market cap of $9.74 billion and their stock is currently trading for $9.35 per share.

Inner Mongolia Yili has ambitions of securing the largest market share of the dairy industry in China. Yili Group also wishes to be one of the top 10 enterprises in the world’s dairy industry. The company has done a superb job thus far, seeing as that they have created a company valued at $26.35 billion. The company had a scandal with melamine contamination of their milk, but since then they have been sure to be extra careful and have been very socially aware. Yili Group was a sponsor for the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. Yili Group’s stock is currently trading for 32.97 per share

Want Want China Holdings Ltd. is a huge company in China with 32 sales branches and over 329 sales offices. The company also has operations across the globe. The company sells rice crackers, dairy, beverages, leisure products, alcohol and many other products. Want Want has strong name recognition and is very well known and respected in China. Want Want China Holdings Ltd. has a market cap of $79.65 billion and their stock is currently trading for $6.03 per share.

These Chinese food producers and distributors are very good at what they do. Whether they are involved in dairy, groceries stores, liquor distribution or rice crackers; they have all found a niche and they are dominating their respected markets. Many people pick up oriental food from the grocery store, but does anyone really pay attention to where their noodles and sauces are coming from? Some Chinese food companies have their hands deep into world markets. Whatever the case, the popularity and profit margin of these foods are working out for the big Chinese food producers. Be sure to check for a ‘Made in China’ sticker on the next package of rice or noodles you pick up at the super market. It may very well make your Chinese food more Chinese.

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