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EastBridge (EBIG) Releases AREM Pacific Investor Factsheet

EastBridge Investment Group Inc. (OTCBB: EBIG), a provider of financial services to emerging companies looking to go public on U.S. exchanges and those looking to form joint ventures, recently released an investor factsheet on client AREM Pacific Corporation. AREM Pacific is Chinese luxury resort developer similar to companies like Jinling Hotel Corporation Ltd. (SHA: 601007) and Shanghai Jinjiang International Hotels Development (SHA: 900934).

AREM Pacific Business Overview

AREM Pacific Corporation began as an Australian winery and small marine leisure boat manufacturer in China, but has since become the first U.S. company setting up exclusive air-water-land resort and convention centers in China. Bringing together houseboats, aerochutes, seaplanes, and water recreation facilities, the company plans on offering a wide range of activities in many locations around six premium lakes and two ocean front locations. AREM Pacific offers a diversified investment opportunity in hotels, food & beverage, and other hospitality elements.

Recent financial results include:

  • Revenue 2008 :  $103,754  ,  Net Income: ($7,825) (audited)
  • Revenue 2009 :  $121548,  Net Income: $4,111 (audited)
  • Revenue 2010 : $100,821, Net Income: $4,437 (audited)

AREM Pacific Market Overview

China is the world’s third most visited country in the world. The number of overseas tourists was 55.98 million in 2010. As for the domestic demand, there are over 100 million Chinese whose incomes are commensurate with the incomes of the developed countries; yet, they have not had an opportunity to access these high end integrated resort facilities, because these facilities do not exist thus far in China. As a result, AREM believe there is a strong pent up demand.

AREM Pacific’s highlights within this market include:

  • Signed several master water front leaseholds at below market rates
  • When finished, these will be show case air-water-land resort & convention centers in China
  • Subleasing the land to the hospitality operators, who will build and operate their own sites
  • Low capital requirement and high ROI in a short time

AREM Pacific’s Recent Achievements

  • Signed a 40-year master leasehold on a lake front shore line with a total land area of 285 acres in Hunan, China. The lease cost is at a substantial discount to the market price, and the land will be developed into an air-water-land resort & convention center. A prominent hotel has already signed a sublease to use a parcel of the land to build and run a hotel on site for retail customers. AREM will put in a convention and resort center for conventioneers, together with private villas on the site.
  • Master leaseholds on five lakes and two ocean front land properties in China are being negotiated. AREM will also sublease these spaces out to the hospitality operators.
  • Exclusive distribution agreements in China for the aerochutes, sky cars, private hydro planes, houseboats and yachts from Australia have been signed. These vendors are ready to provide equipment at substantially reduced costs to AREM.

AREM Pacific Competitive Overview

AREM Pacific is the first and only company that introduces an integrated air-water-land leisure and provides high end hospitality services to China. These services include holiday resorts, conference / exhibition centers, marine facilities offering houseboats, seaplanes, hot air balloons, skycars, aerochutes and private planes.

Similar listed companies include:

  • Jinling Hotel Corporation Ltd. Nanjing provides guest rooms, restaurants and bars, meeting and events services, health and recreation services.
  • New Taohuayuan Culture Tourism Co., Ltd. owns and operates the Taohuayuan Inn hotel and resort, Xi’an offers hotel rooms only.
  • Shanghai Jin Jiang International Hotels Development Co. Ltd. is principally engaged in management and operation of hotels and restaurants.

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