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EastBridge (OTC-BB: EBIG) Client Wonder Education Prepares for IPO

EastBridge Investment Group Corp (OTC-BB: EBIG), a financial services provider focused on helping Asian companies access U.S. public markets, is helping Wonder Education, a company similar to companies like China Education Alliance, Inc. (NYSE: CEU) and ChinaEdu Corporation (Nasdaq: CEDU), access U.S. public markets with an IPO.

EastBridge Investment Corp (OTC-BB: EBIG) is a financial services company that assists Asian clients with auditing, legal and investor relations processes to help them become public companies listed on U.S. stock exchanges. As its client Wonder Education completes its registration filings with the SEC, the company appears to be well-positioned to profit.

A Solid Performer in China’s Education Industry

Wonder Education owns and operates seven separate vocational training schools in seven provinces in China, with a core business of providing IT education. With the rapid urbanization of China, many analysts expect to see tremendous growth moving forward.

According to the Ministry of Education in China, there are 1,816,878 graduates of IT departments and 1,710,832 in-school students studying IT at vocational education schools in 2006. Meanwhile, the IT industry has growth to $51.9 billion and represents 0.8% of the GDP.

Many experts believe that this demand will only increase as a significant number of rural laborers move to larger cities. In fact, some estimates suggest that between 15 and 20 million people will make the switch during the next 5 to 10 years.

Wonder Education Files S-1 with SEC

Wonder Education’s most recent S-1 registration filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) indicates that it plans to register 899,875 shares, which will be distributed to over 1600 EastBridge shareholders after SEC clearance is obtained.

According to the same SEC filing, EastBridge owns 3.4 million shares, or approximately 17% of the company’s common stock. The 899,875 shares being registered are slated to be distributed as a dividend to its shareholders.

EastBridge will assist Wonder in conducting a private placement capital raise to create a market price for its stock and then assist Wonder to become listed on a U.S. stock exchange during 2011.

A Significant Opportunity for Shareholders

With a pending IPO that could generate some $5.4 million in value for EastBridge shareholders, many investors may want to take a closer look at this undiscovered company. Its equity stakes in other companies, as well as future dividends, may justify a higher share price as it executes its plans.

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