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EastBridge (OTCBB: EBIG) Offers Investors Access to China’s Market

EastBridge Investment Group, Inc. (OTCBB: EBIG), a provider of financial services to emerging public companies in Asia, with clients similar to companies like Chinacast Education Corporation (Nasdaq: CAST) and China Education Alliance, Inc. (NYSE: CEU), offers a unique service for Chinese companies and investment opportunity for investors.

The company’s business model involves assisting companies with the regulatory requirements for becoming a U.S.-listed public company in exchange for a cash fee and equity stake. A portion of this equity stake is often spun off to EBIG’s shareholders, while the rest is either sold to generate operating cash flow or held on its balance sheet as a short-term or long-term asset.  EastBridge also earns cash by helping U.S. companies access Asian markets by facilitating joint venture agreements.

Diversified Portfolio of High-Growth Clients

EastBridge Investment Group offers investors diversified access to China’s growing economy. From a for-profit education company generating $45 million a year in revenues to a manufacturer of luxury yachts, the company’s 10% to 20% equity stakes in client companies offer its own shareholders a very diversified play on China’s growing economy.

The company’s clients include education companies like Tsingda Education, Wonder Education and Cambium Learning, manufacturing companies like AREM Pacific and Fizza Beverage,  technology companies like Dwarf Technologies and many more each year. Meanwhile, two of its clients are approaching an initial public offering in the United States that could unlock significant near-term value for shareholders.

A Unique Service, a Growing End Market

EastBridge provides a unique service to its clients, particularly at a time when China’s government is raising interest rates and bank reserve requirements. By helping companies raise money in the United States, these companies can access much-needed capital to support their rapid expansion in one of the fastest growing major economies in the world.

And then there’s the country’s enormous domestic growth. “As developing Asia’s people secure their middle class status, its emerging consumers are very much expected to become the next global consumers and assume the traditional role of the U.S. and European middle classes,” reads an Asian Development Bank report from 2010, highlighting the country’s enormous potential.

A Great Investment Opportunity

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