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EmberClear Signs Energy Agreement at Washington, D.C. Ceremony

EmberClear Corp. (TSXV: EMB.V) (“EmberClear”) signed a historic energy agreement with China’s Huaneng Clean Energy Research Institute (“HCERI”) on Monday.

The agreement, a technology license, enables EmberClear to develop a new low-emissions plant producing gasoline or diesel fuel from coal in the United States. The project could create approximately 1,000 jobs in the U.S. and obtaining a technology license achieves a required milestone for such a facility to be built.

The United States Chamber of Commerce hosted officials from the Ministry of Commerce People’s Republic of China and the U.S. Department of Commerce to witness the signing in Washington D.C.

“The White House and the Chinese government both see the immense value of EmberClear’s agreement with HCERI, not only in terms of the jobs it will help support, but more importantly, it is the cleaner energy we’ll be able to provide to Americans in addition to the improved energy security,” said Albert Lin, CEO of EmberClear.

The plant is intended to generate gasoline or diesel transportation fuel for sale in the United States. The use of this new advanced thermal-chemistry technology allows the production of such fuels with lower emissions than traditional refineries using crude oil.

“This partnership is a strong example of how American energy companies can work with Chinese partners to provide new lower emission energy solutions while simultaneously creating jobs here in America,” Lin said. “The impressive track record of Chinese investment and technical achievement in this field has given rise to a surge of global demand for this type of clean energy technology from other countries, utilities, and consumers sensitive to climate change.”

China and the U.S. have some of the world’s largest coal reserves and both governments are seeking energy independence solutions. These countries have tremendous technologies for making coal a far better – and cleaner – energy source.

“The world is primed to take advantage of China’s investments and deployments of technologies converting coal to all sorts of energy sources with far lower emissions,” Lin said. “In particular, making electric power and gasoline. Both will create thousands of construction jobs and bring in billions of dollars to the region where our plant will operate for many years.”

Photos of the signing are available here.

About EmberClear

EmberClear is an advanced energy development company. Based on global energy needs from a growing population, our solutions are designed to deploy commercial scale energy technologies, which enable dramatic improvements in the efficiency and cleanliness of fossil fuels and alternative energy sources. Our goal is to find economically viable business models with the potential to deliver reduced emissions of over 50% when compared to industry average results in the utilization of coal while also deploying state of the art carbon dioxide capture solutions.

Our expertise is being utilized by a diverse group of governments, utilities and industrial companies spanning a wide range of geographies with the common interest in creating gasification, supercritical (SC), ultra-supercritical (USC), circulating fluidized bed (CFB) and post-combustion carbon dioxide capture (PCC) energy solutions producing electricity, synthetic gas, liquid fuels, fertilizers, and industrial construction products.  Our solutions often include the vast thermal chemistry sciences and processes developed by Huaneng Clean Energy Research Institute (HCERI). HCERI has the most experience and resources devoted to this industry. Our partnership ensures advanced energy solutions are financially sustainable so that the benefits accrue to the global marketplace and not just a few special projects.

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About Huaneng Clean Technology Energy Research Institute

The world-renowned Huaneng Clean Energy Research Institute (HCERI) has developed patented gasification technology being used in gasification facilities in China with large projects under construction in Inner Mongolia and Tianjin, China. It is affiliated with Huaneng Power Group (NYSE: HNP – News), the largest power utility in China.

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