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Huh? Cleaning Company Thinking of Entering the Cellphone Industry

SNT Cleaning Inc. (SNTI) seems to think that its wealth of experience washing cars translates well into wireless applications.

Canada-based SNT Cleaning Inc. [[SNTI.OB]] wants to diversify into the wireless communications industry and is apparently in discussions with a wireless applications company “with interests in China.”

Apparently never having heard of sticking with one’s core competencies, the automotive cleaning and detailing company that sometimes does business as “Clean ‘N Shine” has been talking to Infinity Multi Media Corp. about some sort of deal.

SNT notes in its vague press release that “mobile wireless business is on track to become the most widely used media channel in the world and China is the biggest, fastest growing market.” This may indeed be true, but that doesn’t mean you should be trying to get in on it despite no prior experience.

SNT Cleaning has a market capitalization of $60 million and is headed by Robert Denman – its CEO, President, CFO, Treasurer, Secretary, Director and Principal Accounting Officer.

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