ChinesePublicCompanies.com is a leading source of information on Chinese stocks and U.S. listed Chinese ADR securities listed both on central exchanges and OTC. In an uncertain and difficult to interpret market, ChinesePublicCompanies.com provides an independent, unbiased source for a news, research, insights and other information. We provide company news, press releases, research reports, technical & fundamental insights, and other information to help educate investors on Chinese companies.

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  • Press Releases – Real-time press releases made by Chinese companies designed to keep investors  informed about late-breaking news and developments.
  • Market Insights – Independent, unbiased information about Chinese companies designed to give investors ideas and strategies to make money.
  • Research Reports – Research reports published by companies, analysts and investor relation firms. Note that these reports may be biased in nature with all relationships disclosed.
  • Education – Educational articles covering the Chinese market, market makers, strategies and much more.

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Justin holds BBA in Finance and is an active trader of stocks, options, currencies and futures. He has over 10 years of experience in the financial markets as a financial advisor, active trader and financial journalist. Before taking a job at Accelerize New Media, Justin wrote for many popular publications, including Forbe’s Investopedia.com.

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