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EastBridge (EBIG): Last Chance for Dwarf Technology Dividend is October 31st

EastBridge Investment Group Inc. (OTCBB: EBIG), a provider of financial services to emerging companies looking to go public on U.S. exchanges and those looking to form joint ventures abroad, with clients similar to companies like Inc. (NASDAQ: BIDU) and Yahoo Inc. (NASDAQ: YHOO), recently set an October 31, 2011 deadline for its shareholders to receive the Dwarf Technology dividend.

EastBridge Investment Group Inc. (OTCBB: EBIG) is a specialized provider of financial services to emerging Asian companies looking to go public on U.S. exchanges and those looking to form joint ventures abroad. On October 4, 2011, the company scheduled 300,000 shares of its ownership in Dwarf Technology to be distributed to its shareholders of record on the closing date of October 31, 2011.

The size of the dividend represents 1.5% of Dwarf Technology’s outstanding shares as of October 4, 2011 and the move was filed with the SEC on August 16, 2011. According to COO/CFO Norm Klein, “We are happy to increase our shareholders’ value with the dividend distribution of some of the Dwarf stock owned by EastBridge. Dwarf has grown significantly during the past two years and has solid expansion plans for the future.”

An Emerging IT Leader in China

Dwarf Technology is a leading internet technology and information service provider. The company specializes in business-to-business search engine technology and IT services, including e-commerce, online marketing and application software development for small and medium companies. Its leading B2B search engine, China Bobotong, is the only search engine supporting telephone, internet and SMS.

Between 2009 and 2010, the company saw its revenues grow from $1,502,157 to $3,621,943 and was profitable both years. The first six months of 2011 saw similar growth rates as its revenues grew to $2,359,095 and its net income hit $340,907. With these strong growth rates, investors can look forward to high price-earnings multiples on their stock.

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A Great Investment Opportunity

EastBridge’s business model involves taking high-growth companies public on U.S. exchanges. With several upcoming clients in its pipeline, shareholders are uniquely positioned to benefit over the coming quarters. These clients range from IT companies, like Dwarf Technology, to educational providers, like Tsingda Education, to green technology companies and more.

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