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EastBridge (OTC-BB: EBIG) Offers a Diversified Play on China’s Economy

EastBridge Investment Group Corp (OTC-BB: EBIG), a financial services company that provides Asian companies with access to U.S. markets, while consistently maintaining an inventory of several Asian IPO clients, offers investors a unique and diversified play on China’s economy, with its holdings in companies similar to China Education Alliance, Inc. (NYSE: CEU) and China Green Agriculture, Inc. (NYSE: CGA).

EastBridge Investment Group Corp (OTC-BB: EBIG) is a financial services company that assists Asian clients with auditing, legal and investor relations processes to help them become public companies listed on U.S. exchanges, while also making valuable introductions to investment bankers and accredited investors. In exchange, the company receives cash and equity compensation that typically amounts to a 10% to 20% equity interest ahead of their initial public offering.

The company’s clients are very diverse, ranging from education companies to retail distribution and agricultural firms that are all experiencing rapid growth in China’s emerging economy. Investors looking for diversified exposure to this expanding market may want to consider purchasing EastBridge given their unique access to multiple companies in a number of different industries and their ability to acquire equity interest in each of their clients.

An Educated Bet on a Growing Industry

With an increasingly competitive job market due to urban migration and a very competitive university application process, Wonder International Education and Tsingda Education Company are two EastBridge clients capitalizing on the rapidly growing education industry in China.

Tsingda Education Company provides tutoring and education services to elementary, junior high and high school students in China. Parents finding it increasingly necessary to supplement their children’s compulsory education in order to increase the likelihood of college acceptance continue to drive the industry to an estimated $12 billion this year, according to some sources.

Meanwhile, Wonder International Education provides professional and vocational training to post junior high and high school students to improve their skills for higher paying jobs. According to a JLJ analysis, this segment of the education market has been expanding at some 20% per year.

Grow Your Portfolio with Agricultural Stocks

China’s rapidly expanding population is also creating opportunities for companies operating in its agricultural industries. In particular, higher personal incomes and a government pro-environmental push has led to significant growth in green agriculture.

Heyuan Dafeng Animal Husbandry Company Limited is an integrated green farming business that specializes in premium hogs, feeds and organic fertilizer production. With per-capita farm land of only 940 square meters, or approximately 40% of the global average, according to the PRC ministry of Land and Resources, China’s 1.6 billion people are in need of fertilizers that are effective and non-harmful.

Another EastBridge portfolio company, Jinkuizi Science and Technology Company, also specializes in the manufacture of environmentally safe fertilizers in China and Southeast Asia. As with Heyuan, it is likely that demographic trends and the push for environmentally-friendly solutions will result in significant growth down the road.

A Diversified Portfolio Set to Rapidly Grow

In addition to EastBridge’s exposure to the educational and agricultural industries, the company also has clients involved in renewable energy, mining operations and even luxury hospitality. With its diverse pipeline of clients in rapidly growing industries, EastBridge offers investors a unique, diversified investment in China’s growth.

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