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MU Pilots to Improve English for Flight Safety

China Eastern Airlines (NYSE:CEA) has promised to further develop its pilots English after claims flight MU516 from Osaka, Kansai airport to Shanghai took off without clearance from air traffic controllers.

The aircraft bound for Shanghai with 245 people on board took off last week apparently after being told to stay on the runway and then to abort take off at Osaka airport, the BBC reported.

According to Kyodo news agency, air traffic controllers instructed the aircraft’s pilots to halt on the runway instead the Airbus A330 took to the skies and further ignored instructions to abort.

Despite the misunderstanding the plane took off without incident and later landed safely in Shanghai.

Japan’s Transport Minister said that even though the aircraft had sufficient room from any other nearby aircraft, the pilot may have broken the country’s aviation rules and regulations.

An employee at China Civil Aviation Administration apparently told China Daily “We’ve written to our Japanese counterparts asking for materials to help us look into the case.”

On the airlines certified Sina Weibo page the Airline said it will “operate according to laws and regulations, and further regulate our flight crews English communications”, to guarantee flight safety.

Under the International Civil Aviation Organisation pilots and air traffic controllers have to meet a certain standard and understanding of the English language.

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